The courtesy bus picks-up/drops-off to residential addresses within a pre-defined radius of the club.

We will endeavour to accommodate patrons as much as possible.

To confirm if you live within our pick-up/drop-off areas, please contact reception.

Bookings are essential and must be made no later than 10 minutes prior to departure time.
For return trips please be at the club entrance no later than 10 minutes prior to the departure time.
Please call 5443 2211 to arrange a pick up.



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Club Policies

Maroochy RSL prides itself on managing all aspects of the club’s facilities in a professional and responsible manner while ensuring we are providing a responsible and safe environment for all our patrons.

Entry is restricted to members, members of reciprocal clubs, member's guests and bona fide visitors (residing more than 15km radius from the club).

Responsible Service of Alcohol

The Board and Management of Maroochy RSL makes a commitment to maintain the Responsible Service of Alcohol in a safe environment for all members, patrons, visitors and the local community. Service of alcohol will be denied to any person suspected of being under 18 years of age and to any person who is at that time considered to be in, or approaching a state of intoxication.

The Board and Management acknowledge their Duty of Care and agree:

  • That club patrons and the local community are not obliged to tolerate any inconvenience or disturbance as a result of the way that the club conducts its business
  • Not to sell or supply alcoholic beverages to any person who is at that time considered to be in or approaching a state of intoxication. The Liquor Act defines intoxication as; “the person's  speech, balance, coordination or behaviour is noticeably affected; and it is reasonably believed that this has been caused by the consumption of liquor, drugs or other intoxicating susbtance.”
  • That management and staff have a statutory responsibility to deny the sale or consumption of alcohol to any person whom they consider may be intoxicated and reserve the right to deny entry into the club to any person whom they consider may be intoxicated
  • To provide in house training on patron duty of care to all staff
  • To record all incidents that result in the refusal of service due to intoxication and to maintain these records on file at the club
  • To deny the service of alcohol to any person suspected of being under 18 years of age
  • To ensure that only the authorised forms of identification as defined in the Liquor Act are accepted as a means of age identification and service will be refused to anyone who is asked to produce age identification and refuses, for whatever reason to do so

The sale or supply of alcoholic beverages to patrons who are considered to be unduly intoxicated or disorderly could result in a maximum fine of $9,108 to any individual employee or $56,925 to the Management.

For more information on community organisations that provide excessive alcohol support and advice, please visit our community support section.

Responsible Gaming

Maroochy RSL is committed to providing an environment in which the gambling conducted minimises harm and meets community expectations.
Gaming facilities are provided in the club for the enjoyment of members and their guests. Where problem gambling occurs Maroochy RSL is happy to provide information regarding community organisations that will provide support and advice.

Maroochy RSL aspires to achieve a harm minimisation objective in its operations by:

  • Provide gambling services and practices that conform to all applicable Acts and Regulations
  • Promoting responsible gambling practices that conform to local community standards and expectations
  • Implementing policies to encourage responsible practices in promotions relating to gambling
  • Developing a policy that ensures all legislative requirements related to cheque cashing, payment of winnings and financial transactions are implemented and encourages patrons to develop responsible practices in the use of finances for gambling purposes
  • Establishing a pleasant and safe gambling environment
  • Encouraging patrons to take responsibility for their gambling activity through an effective self exclusion procedure upon request 
  • Developing and maintaining effective links between our club and community organisations such as Gambling Help Online, Gambling Helpline -1800 858 858 - a free, confidential telephone help service which operates 24 hours a day, Gamblers Anonymous – 1800 002 210 and Financial First Aid Line – 1800 007 007
  • Not permitting persons under 18 years of age in the gaming area at any time. If anyone under age is found in this area the parent/guardian must be advised that they are not permitted in the area. If a parent/guardian needs to be asked a second time they may be asked to leave the club. Babies are included in this restriction.
  • Persons who are refused drink service will not be permitted to gamble.
  • For more information on community organisations that provide gaming support and advice please visit our community support section.

Dress Regulations

  • Patrons are to be clean, neat and tidy at all times. Management reserves the right to determine the dress standards.

The following are not permitted:

  • Barefeet, swim or gym wear, dirty clothing or shoes
  • Clothing with obscene or offensive design or language
  • Immodest and/or provocative clothing
  • Men’s singlets
  • Men’s headwear. An exemption may be granted for medical reasons and religious beliefs
  • Any prohibited items associated with a declared criminal organisation displaying the name, insignia or symbols
  • Any items covering the face

After 8.30pm the following dress rules apply

  • Men may wear long trousers or dress shorts of a reasonable length
  • Ladies may wear slacks, dresses or shorts of a reasonable length
  • Overalls, football shorts, stubbies or similar, football socks, scuffs and thongs are not permitted
  • Leather sandals are acceptable

Privacy Policy

Maroochy RSL is bound by the National Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 1988. Maroochy RSL has a commitment to privacy and the safeguarding of member, visitor and staff personal information.

It is Maroochy RSL’s usual practice to collect personal information directly from you.

Personal information will be collected only by fair and lawful means.

Personal information will only be collected if it is necessary for the purposes or functions of Maroochy RSL or required by law.

Maroochy RSL will only use your personal information for the purposes for which it was collected and will not use or disclose your personal information unless you have consented, you would reasonably expect us to do so, it is required or authorised under law, or as otherwise permitted under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)

You may access any personal information that Maroochy RSL holds about you and you can ask that your personal information is corrected. If you have any concerns about your personal information held by Maroochy RSL you may contact Maroochy RSL regarding those concerns.

If you are on a Maroochy RSL mailing list you may opt out of receiving any further information by advising Reception at Maroochy RSL.

Further information regarding our privacy policy, including a full copy of the Privacy Policy, is available from Maroochy RSL by contacting or you can write to:

The Privacy Officer
Maroochy RSL
PO Box 5824
Maroochydore QLD 4558


Designated Outside Smoking Areas

For the convenience of our smoking patrons, throughout the Club in various locations we have provided designated outside smoking areas.
These are located:

  • At the front of Gaming Lounge
  • At the rear of Gaming Lounge
  • To the right of Coffee on First, up the stair well
  • Adjacent to Elevations Bar, on the mezzanine level of the club

No food is permitted in a DOSA at any time. No alcohol may be taken into a DOSA after 10pm. Broadcasting of promotions is unlawful in any DOSA.



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