Maroochy RSL offers members and guests the full gaming experience with the Gaming Room, the TAB in Sports Bar, Keno and Bingo. Maroochy RSL is committed to promoting responsible Gaming Practices.


Set in a spacious and exciting environment the Gaming Room features 300 of the latest gaming machines.

Located within the Gaming Room is the fully stocked Gaming Bar plus there are two smoking breakout areas adjoining the Gaming Room.

Maroochy RSL members can insert their membership card into any gaming machine and accrue Star Rewards Points that are redeemable for beverages, meals or cash.

Enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee served to you whilst you play the gaming machines.

Maroochy RSL cash – IT’S QUICK AND EASY

Enjoy the convenience of Maroochy RSL cash – a simple, safe and easy way for you to enjoy our electronic gaming machines.

Maroochy RSL cash replaces the cash component of hand pay-outs when patrons are collecting credits on a gaming machine. As a card is used for all gaming sessions it gives patrons the opportunity to pre-commit and limit the amount of money or time they want to spend gaming.

With Maroochy RSL cash the customer interacts with the machine using a card which is linked to a secure account that has funds attached to it.

There are two types of player account – Standard and Visitor, which allows for the customer to retain anonymity while still allowing them access to player protection facilities such as self-imposed spend limits and session reminders.

Deposits to your account can be made by visiting the cashier station or inserting notes into a gaming machine with your Maroochy RSL cash activated membership card inserted. Withdrawals from your account are made at the cashier station and your funds are stored on a centrally based account, secured by a PIN.

For more information about Maroochy RSL cash, please talk to a gaming staff member.


Catch all the live sporting action on our big screens in the Sports Bar.

Enjoy a huge dedicated sports screen along with 2 TAB terminals, a dedicated bar and a delicious snack menu.

Our TAB has betting facilities on all Australian race meetings as well as selected overseas events in New Zealand, South Africa and Hong Kong live through Sky, TVN and Fox Sports.

Sportsbet and Footy TAB betting facilities are also available.


Keno is a fun, social and easy to play numbers game. In each Keno game 20 numbers are drawn from a total of 80. Wins are based on how many numbers on your ticket match those that are drawn. Relax and watch the game results on various Keno monitors throughout Maroochy RSL.

For beginners, see our friendly Keno operators for a Kwikpik or choose the numbers you want to play and fill out the game card provided – it’s that simple!

Keno Terminals are located at the Sports Bar, Central Bar and Gaming Bar.


Maroochy RSL is committed to providing an environment in which the gambling conducted minimises harm and meets community expectations.Gaming facilities are provided in the venue for the enjoyment of members and their guests.

Where problem gambling occurs Maroochy RSL is happy to provide information regarding community organisations that will provide support and advice. Maroochy RSL aspires to achieve a harm minimisation objective in our operations by:

  • – Providing gambling services and practices that conform to all applicable Acts and Regulations
  • – Promoting responsible gambling practices that conform to local community standards and expectations
  • – Implementing policies to encourage responsible practices in promotions relating to gambling
  • – Developing a policy that ensures all legislative requirements related to cheque cashing, payment of winnings and financial transactions are implemented and encourages patrons to develop responsible practices in the use of finances for gambling purposes
  • – Establishing a pleasant and safe gambling environment
  • – Encouraging patrons to take responsibility for their gambling activity through an effective self exclusion procedure upon request
  • – Developing and maintaining effective links between our club and community organisations such as Gambling Help Online, Gambling Helpline -1800 858 858 – a free, confidential telephone help service which operates 24 hours a day, Gamblers Anonymous – 1800 002 210 and Financial First Aid Line – 1800 007 007
  • – Persons under 18 years of age are not permitted in the gaming area at any time. If anyone under age is found in this area the parent/guardian must be advised that they are not permitted in the area. If a parent/guardian needs to be asked a second time they may be asked to leave the venue. Babies are included in this restriction.