Wednesday 11 November

Bingo – Wednesday Session – Relocated to Bistro

Bingo - Wednesday Session - Relocated to Bistro


9:15 AM

Maroochy RSL

Relocated to the Bistro

Wednesday Bingo session will be held in the Bistro, from 9:15am until 11:15am.

Selling commences – 8:15am
Eyes down – 9:15am

Seating will be limited, and social distancing rules will apply.

The Café will be open so you may purchase food or drinks. Filter water will be available.

Experience the best bingo in town with cash prizes to be won. If you haven’t played bingo before it is easy to pick up, and the bingo staff can show you how to play on the day.

It is a great opportunity to bring friends or make new ones.

Wednesday 11 November 2020 Bingo Calls:
– Green jackpot – $500 on 56 calls.
– Yellow jackpot – $1000 on 57 calls.
– Blue jackpot – $1000 on 52 calls.
– White jackpot – $2000 on 53 calls.
– Pink jackpot – $200 on 90 calls.
– Jackpot hot number – $2700