Lifestyle assistance

This division is responsible for accessing lifestyle assistance for the veteran community and can help you with obtaining community support which you may require to assist you with your daily living.

The League has a number of experienced Welfare Officers who can assist with information and referrals to a myriad of services, including:

  • Carers and supporting carers in their caring role,
  • Various forms of assistance for the veteran and ex-service community,
  • Veterans home care,
  • Crisis intervention,
  • Funeral poppy services,
  • Defence Service homes referrals
  • Veterans and veterans families counselling services,
  • Veterans home maintenance line,
  • DVA transport for treatment,
  • Veterans affairs networks,
  • Health issue referrals,
  • Assistance with understanding residential aged care,
  • Assistance with advice concerning living independently,
  • Seniors information

Our Welfare Officers will assist by:

  • Conducting interviews for the ex-service organisation in welfare matters
  • Refer veterans for relevant assistance to the appropriate authority
  • Maintaining their knowledge of DVA matters and what services are available in the local area,
  • Attend training,
  • Undertake home and hospital visits,
  • Represent the organisation at Funerals and conduct ESO ceremonies where applicable,
  • Liaise and network with other organisations and service providers
  • Maintaining confidentiality at all times.


One of the more serious duties and obligations is to ensure that when a member of the Sub Branch or any veteran dies we offer the next of kin the opportunity to have a Poppy Service arranged by the RSL. We conduct the traditional RSL segment of the service if it is their wish or request, even if the service is conducted by the clergy or a celebrant. For our part we simply wish to acknowledge the late veteran’s contribution to the peace and freedom of his/her beloved country.