Maroochy RSL plays a significant role in several charity and local community groups. Proud to be celebrating 90 years, they have made an outstanding contribution to members and the local community which epitomises the sacrifices of those who served in the defence of the nation and in the traditions of the ANZACs – mateship, courage, loyalty and sacrifice – values on which our RSL and services clubs were founded.

Founded ninety years ago, Maroochydore RSL Sub Branch Charter was granted in May 1932. Meetings were first held in private homes, the E.S. & A bank premises, or anywhere else the public was kind enough to make available. The Sub Branch and the Women’s Auxiliary provided a great deal of welfare assistance to veterans and widows of World War I.

In January 1939, application was made to the Lands Department for a grant of land to erect a Soldiers Memorial Hall. In April 1939, the erection of the Memorial Hall was approved for the portion of the land reserved as a Memorial Park bounded by First and Memorial Avenues and George Street. After completion, activities of both business and social nature continued in the Memorial Hall in a routine manner for some years, focusing mainly on the welfare of veterans and their families.

In August 1941 the Maroochydore RSS & AILA Soldiers Memorial Hall was officially opened. The Club was later established on the land occupied by the Diggers Memorial Hall.

The Maroochydore and District Ex-Servicemen’s Club was officially opened in November 1972 and at that point in time the business activities of the Maroochy RSL and the Maroochydore and District Ex-Servicemen’s Club were arranged as separate entities, keeping close relations with each other which still remain today and the two have now amalgamated.

The most significant event in the affairs of the League was the building of RSL House, League headquarters opposite the Club in Memorial Avenue. In 1996 ‘RSL House’ was born and this great achievement was officially opened in the same year.

Among the many benefits which the League derived from the establishment of ‘RSL House’ was the setting up of a prestigious Memorabilia Collection ‘preserving for posterity, records of the deeds and sacrifices of our veteran brothers and sisters’.

So from humble beginnings Maroochy RSL stands strong with its main objectives still on the advocacy and welfare of the veteran community while preserving our history of those whom fought for our freedom.