Military Museum

Staffed by volunteers who take their duties very seriously and attempt at all times to provide an ever changing collection of objects for the benefit of the Veterans and Civilian population. They frequently conduct tours for the benefit of school children from the Sunshine Coast. All volunteers working within the Museum have been granted a Blue Card which allows them to do this most enjoyable task. They are always on the lookout for donations of memorabilia which can be assured of a caring home.

The primary aim of this centre is not only to restore and preserve valuable veteran memorabilia for posterity, but also to promote awareness of its existence to the community and, in particular, our young people. There are many interesting stories attached to memorabilia and, if not passed on to our young people, it may be lost forever. The centre also aims to play a positive role in linking current and past history.


October 2003 was the beginning of the Memorablillia Display and Education Centre with the opening of the converted storeroom into a display area. In 2006 the collection area/museum was substantially enlarged. The Museum currently consists of two display rooms, library / reading room, storeroom and workshop for preparation and maintenance of displays including cabinets with memorabilia throughout RSL House.


Displays of uniforms, medals, photos, weapons, models and memorabilia from all wars and conflicts.


The museum is run and maintained by a team of volunteers who are responsible for keeping an ongoing inventory, regular cleaning, changing of displays, storage of items and general maintenance. The original four volunteers has grown with time and now the museum is in the hands of a dedicated team.

Opening Hours – Monday to Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm