League Membership


Maroochy RSL membership should not be confused with League membership. Put simply, RSL Clubs are licensed venues and have different membership criteria to the League. This area covers the important aspects of joining the League.

This information includes:

How to become a member:

– The Membership Form – Download Membership Form

– Who you help when becoming a member

– Who to contact to become a member


As a member of an RSL Sub Branch in Queensland, you belong to an organisation which:

– Provides Pensions and Welfare Advocacy advice to veterans and their dependants and assists them in obtaining their eligible benefits at no cost to the veteran.
– Is represented on all relevant Department of Veterans’ Affairs consultative Forums;
– Is one of the largest providers of residential aged care for veterans;
– Is involved in youth, community and welfare initiatives;
– Is an extremely strong voice when representing the ex-service personnel and current serving personnel at Local, State and National Government levels;
– Is actively involved in the consultative process when Governments debate “changes to Legislation” which impact on Pensions and Welfare matters.


– Any person who has served in any of the Australian Defence Forces in either of the two World Wars or in ANY theatre of conflict.
– Any person who has served for not less than six months as a Regular, Reservist or National Serviceman or Service woman in the ADF, or the Armed Forces of Australia’s allies. Shorter service can also qualify if discharged was Honourable and for reasons beyond the individual’s control.
– Any Australian citizen who has served overseas for not less than six months as a member of an approved Peacekeeping Force.


– Provide for the sick, wounded and needy among those who have served and their dependants, regardless of their membership in the League;
– Perpetuate close ties of friendship created by mutual service in the ADF or Allied Forces;
– Inculcate Loyalty to the Nation to guard the good name and preserve the interests and standing of members of the Defence Service;
– Remembrance and Commemoration.


The future of the RSL will depend on members of Post – World War II conflicts, the Reserves, Serving ADF members and those involved in Peacekeeping operations. It is time we joined forces – Join your local RSL Sub Branch. Please visit the Returned & Services League of Queensland website to find your closest branch.